Security is A Huge Concern

No matter what your business, you need to know that your data are secure. That means secure storage, secure email, and secure computers.

We include it all.


Spam Filtering

Hosted Spam Filtering is one of the most important services you should have.

The key reason for this is that spam filtering takes a huge amount of resources. Spam is at least 999/1,000 of all messages. At times it’s more like 9,999/10,000. That means you need

Email1) Lots of bandwidth


2) Lots of processing power

to filter through all that junk.

If you filter all that spam with an on-site device or with software on your email server, you have a massive amount of traffic on your network – which slows it down considerably. Everything on your network will be slower if you filter spam in-house.

Spam Filter In-House

When you move the spam filter out to the cloud, You leave all that traffic out there. If you eliminate 999 email attempts that are analyzed and rejected, then you have a lot more bandwidth and processing power inside your network.


Hosted Spam Filter

With hosted spam filtering, your server will last longer because you get a faster internet connection AND your server doesn’t have to work as hard.


Capital Expenditure vs. Operating Expense

Don’t forget one of the key benefits of hosted services: You reduce capital expenditures because you never buy another dedicated hardware device (spam filter) again. So you don’t sink your money into a depreciating asset.

Instead, you make small monthly payments and expense them as a service. In other words, they are a monthly operating expense. So you get the full tax benefit right away rather than depreciating 1/60th of your investment every month. (Isn’t it humorous that the government thinks technology really has a five year life span?)


You Pay For What You Use

Another great benefit of hosted services is that you only pay for what you use. When you add a user, the bill goes up. When you drop a user, the bill goes down. No more buying 10 or 25 annual users at a time!

Hosted services – cloud services – are efficient because you only spend money when you need to!



We include top notch Anti-Virus security in every package. You can rest assured that your employees – and your computers – are protected.

AV files are updated automatically so that your protection is never out of date.

And you only buy what you need because we have a per-user model. So you don’t have to buy ten or twenty licenses at a time, knowing that most of them will go unused.


Secure Storage

HaltIn addition to protecting you from viruses, your storage needs to protect you from hackers, accidents, broken hard drives, and all kinds of disasters.

The news is full of “super storms” as well as floods, fires, hurricanes, and the occasional lunatic. You need to know that 1) No one can get to your data, and 2) Your data are protected no matter what happens.

More and more we’re finding that the clients who have 100% of their data stored in the cloud are the most protected during disasters and crises. That’s why we provide secure storage with all of our packages.

You just need to worry about your business. Let us worry about the data.

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