Hosted Email

Whether it’s Hosted Exchange mailboxes or just basic email, you need 100% reliability.

Email is probably the most important service most businesses buy. We take it for granted, Emailbut imagine a day without it!

Hosted email services are “just there” all the time. You have no clunky servers in house. You don’t have to worry about it, update it, maintain it, or buy a new one when the old one dies.

Email lives in servers at some of the largest, most successful hosting companies in the world. Always filtered. Always secure. Always safe.

And 100% uptime. Really.

Best of all, the way you connect to your email is the same everywhere: Your desk at work, your home computer, your laptop, your tablet. Even your phone. No matter how you connect, it’s all synchronized all the time.

It just works.

First class email is included in every package we sell. Small businesses need to have rock solid email that they can rely on. That’s all we sell.



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