Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

There are only a few things that every business needs. One of them is a place to put your “stuff” – all those files and documents that ARE your business.

We offer two primary types of storage and backup. And we can customize a solution that’s perfect for your needs.


Fast On Site Storage

With our “Server Lite” technology, we place a very small device on site at your office. For certain kinds of data, this provides the fastest and most reliable performance. For example, if you are running a “local” version of QuickBooks, CAD, or you work with very large files of any kind, this is a good solution.

Note from the diagram that everyone outside the office must connect to the server in order to access your company files. All connections are secure, but this extra step may make performance a little slower for remote users.


All of your data is then backed up to a secure cloud-based storage system. In case of a minor accident (e.g., you delete the wrong file), we can restore files very quickly. In case of a major disaster, we can almost instantly recover your entire business from the cloud backup.

All of this is included in our very reasonably priced cloud offering.


100% Cloud Storage – No Server!

More and more we find that people enjoy having no server at all. With this option, everyone maps a drive directly to the cloud storage. Everyone has the same experience all the time. That means your laptop performs exactly as your machine in the office. No remote connections are required.

This cloud-based storage option is extremely powerful and secure. In fact, this is how we have operated our company for four years now. We have several clients using this exact configuration. It is perfect for most office files, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even entire web site development operations.

If you need secure storage with unlimited capacity for expansion – and no costs for on site server – then this is the package for you.


Here’s the Best News

For most clients, the cost for these two cloud-based storage solutions is identical. We provide the cloud solution in your standard pricing. We simply configure differently for each business. You get exactly the right kind of cloud storage and backup for your business.

There is a small monthly fee if we provide a “Server Lite” on site device. Normally the cost is $149/month. You pay for that as a service, so it is part of your operating expenses. That means you don’t have another depreciating asset on the books.

And it’s a lot cheaper than a server you own!


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