100% Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Our 100% Maintenance program provides all the technical support you need in one nice package. Whether it’s updating virus protection, fixing Microsoft Office, or troubleshooting something that broke, we cover all of the maintenance of your operating system and software.

Fix ItIf something works and then stops working, we fix it for no extra charge. Period. If it breaks 100 times, we fix it 100 times. Obviously, our goal is to make everything work 100% of the time so we never have to fix it! We make more money when your computers just work! In other words:

We make more money when you make more money! Now our goals and completely in line with your goals.

Some computer support companies only make money when your computer breaks. They need your computer to break so they can stay in business! Not us. Our success means your computers are always UP.


What’s Not Covered?

We always get the question – Is this “all you can eat” tech support? Well, no. This is a maintenance program. Our goal is to keep your systems up 100% of the time. So whatever is needed to maintain your computers is covered.

Adds, Moves, and Changes are not covered.

Hardware is not covered. Unless you bought it from us and it is still under warranty.


  • If you decide to clean out Computer One so that Jane is no longer the primary user, and set up a profile so that Bob can use that machine, that’s an “Add, Move, Change” and billable.
  • If you want us to install a new software package for billing, that’s an “Add, Move, Change” and billable.
  • If something goes wrong with that software after it’s installed and working, that’s covered because it is now maintenance.
  • If a hard drive crashes, you bought the computer from us, and it’s still under warranty, then everything related to replacing the hard drive and reloading the computer is covered.
  • If a hard drive crashes and you bought the computer somewhere else or it is no longer covered by warranty, then the work is billable.

The bottom line is maintenance. We know from twenty years in the business that preventive maintenance will always save you money and keep your computers UP as much as possible.

Our hardware is not expensive, but we only sell good quality, business-class equipment. We can include hardware in our maintenance program because we’ll only sell you something that’s designed to last 3-4 years with zero problems. Cheap junk you buy online is not the same. The technical specs might look the same, but the insides are just built differently.

We have three plans available:

  • 100% Monitoring
  • 100% Maintenance
  • 100% Everything

Here’s what you get.

Program Monitoring Maintenance Everything
Remote Monitoring X X X
Patches / Updates X X X
Spam Filtering X X X
Anti-Virus X X X
Hosted Email X X X
Remote Storage 10GB X X X
Remote Maintenance (Labor) X X
24 x 7 Support X X
Free Training / Quarter X X
Basic Web Site Hosting X X
Onsite Maintenance (Labor) X
We Provide Computers X
We Provide Server X
We Provide Firewall, other network equipment as needed X
Investment per User $29 / mo $89 / mo Depends on Your Needs



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