Cloud Offerings

Globe“The Cloud” is just a fancy way of saying The Way We Do Business Today.

Gradually over the last ten years or so, technology has evolved to the point where we can provide great services based out on the Internet. As a result, we need less “technology” in your office. Here’s an analogy:

The answering machine used to be a big tape recorder. Then it got smaller and smaller.

Eventually it was built into the phone. Then it was provided as a service.

Now we all have voice mail.

It’s just there. It just works. And we never worry about how it’s provided or whether it will be there tomorrow. It works so well that we consider it very odd when there’s a problem with voice mail.


Cloud services provide this experience with a wide variety of services.

KPE – Karl Palachuk Enterprises – provides a wide variety of services. We use what we sell, relying entirely on the cloud based services for the critical functions of our business.

We also choose our technology partners very carefully, so you’ll know that your services will be safe and reliable.

You only bought a server and made it the center of your technology world because consultants like us advised you that it was the most effective and efficient way to accomplish your goals.

That was true.

But it might not be true any more.


Certainly SOME of your technology could be in the cloud. And depending on your business, maybe ALL of your technology could be in the cloud.

MailboxContact us today for a free evaluation of your business needs and whether we can help you achieve your business and financial goals through great cloud services.

– Karl W. Palachuk



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